Fall Nights: Local Music Scene, Bars, and Festivals

The weather has finally cooled off and if you’ve recently PCS’d perhaps you are coming up for air after getting all of your worldly goods unpacked and organized in your new home. What should you do now that you are ready to get out there and explore?  Well, enjoy the lovely fall nights, of course!  […]

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fall tour

Why You Need a Video Tour of Your Home in Fall

As potential home sellers head into the autumn months, it’s a smart move to make sure your agent plans to do a video tour of your home this season. Even if you don’t have plans to list your home until the later winter months or closer to a December PCS, below are four reasons why […]

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Thinking of Turning Your Home Into an Income Generating Property?

These days, homeowners are considering all kinds of options when it comes to making their home investment work harder for them. Whether it is the ever-changing real estate market demands or simply looking for creative ways to put your dollars to work, turning your home into an income-generating property may just be easier than you […]

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houses on a pond with fall leaves

After the Leaves Have Fallen: Neighborhood Values and Their Impact on Your Home

As summer transitions to fall, perhaps you are really, finally seeing your neighborhood in a new light for the first time in a long while. During summer, perhaps you have been traveling for vacations, staying indoors more to avoid the heat, or maybe you’ve just not truly seen your home or your neighbors’ homes because […]

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woman on the floor with a mug, in front of a ladder and toolbox

10 Tools You Need to Invest in for Maintaining Your Home

As military families, it can feel counterintuitive to think about amassing a huge, heavy, and bulky collection of home maintenance tools to pack, load, store, and PCS every few years. However, the benefits of owning these tools might far outweigh any inconvenience they present.  By investing in the right tools you will effectively maintain your […]

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true agent holding keys with a small house

The True Cost of Hiring a Real Estate Professional

You’ve likely heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” Most often this phrase is used when someone doesn’t pay much if any money for a good or service and they’re left with the realization that their outcome is subpar as well as mounds of regret.  Think of the example of cutting your partner’s […]

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person holding a magnifying glass over documents, open laptop

Why Doing an Internal Home Audit May Save You Money

When you first read or hear the word “audit,” it may strike fear in your heart. Perhaps you have spent your adult life trying to avoid an audit from the IRS. If the word audit sounds like a bad word to you, don’t let it! An audit is simply an examination or verification of your […]

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exterior of a two-story home with garage and US flag

Showcasing Your Home’s Best Indoor and Outdoor Features

Whether in-person or online via digital home tours or pictures it is vital to put your home’s best face forward. From the outdoor first impression to the less likely to be seen indoor areas below are seven tips to make sure prospective buyers see your home in its most appealing light.  Clear Clutter If you […]

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woman using a smart phone

Real Estate Professionals Provide Innovative Solutions for Buying and Selling

The field of real estate is just like any other industry that continues to evolve. To maintain relevancy and utility, agents must continually assess and respond to the industry’s needs and demands. Nowhere is this more true than in the realm of technology. Real estate professionals can provide innovative solutions to their clients by staying […]

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woman wearing an infant in a wrap, while video conferencing with a medical professional

Finding the Best Doctors, Dentists, and Service Providers

Soon after the moving boxes are unpacked, the cardboard is broken down and placed at the curb for recycling pickup, and the house is mostly put together. It’s not long before it’s time to get everyone in the family established with new care providers. Whether it’s back-to-school physicals, getting prescriptions to refill at the pharmacy, […]

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